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The delicate fruit, fine and clean flavours form the attraction of English wine and we focus on emphasising these qualities throughout the production process. We're ideally located for growing the grape varieties that thrive in our temperate climate. Cool climate viticulture, producing fruit with robust character for the winemaker to work with, has already established our reputation for excellent quality wines at a reasonable price. Our vines are cared for throughout the year by our viticulturalists and ourselves. We involve family and friends in the harvest and have the fruit turned into wine by our friends at the nearby highly respected Three Choirs winery. The harvest takes place in September and October; the wines are available in November in the following year. We produce 3 wines:


Beeches Dry White

Beeches Rosé

Beeches Red


100% Madeleine Angevine

52% Seyval Blanc

48% Triomphe d'Alsace

40% Rondo

60% Regent








Room Temperature


With Fish, Spicy Dishes, Salads. As an Aperitif.

With Fish, Spicy Dishes, Salads. As an Aperitif.

With Lamb, Chicken, Light Cheeses. As an Aperitif.


Fresh, clean, dry with a delicate flowery nose.

Fresh with a gentle berry palate, a hint of strawberry.

Smooth and gently spicy with a hint of cherry.

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